“Are You Serving or Selling?”

handshake-440959_1280First, we look up the words Sell and Serve.

According to a Longman Advanced American dictionary:

Sell: To give something to someone in exchange for money

Serve: To provide a group of people with something that is necessary or useful

Let’s analyze

Key phrases

The key phrase in the definition of the word Sell is ‘exchange for money’. That is, you give someone something and receive money from them at the same time. You’re trade. You trade products and services for money.

The key phrase in the definition of the word Serve is ‘necessary or useful’. That is, you give someone something that improves their situation in some way or something that they are in need of. There’s no trading here. That’s right.

Psychology of the words Sell and Serve

When people hear the word Sell, in their mind pop up the words ‘fear’, ‘pushiness’, and ‘dominant’.

Think of the last time you were sold to.

Here’s a question. Have you ever felt that you’re not cared for after buying something? Or have you ever experienced being manipulated by a salesperson?

I’m almost certain that we all have experienced this in one way or another.

Permit me to share one of my personal stories with you.


Long time ago, I needed personal transportation. So after saving some money, my friend Andy and I ventured to a used motorcycle lot to buy my first transportation. I felt excited whenever I thought of having my own transportation.

He and I went to one lot where a salesman approached us. This salesman was very friendly and helpful. He introduced me to a used motorcycle and launched into why this motorcycle was the perfect one for me.

Andy and I went for a test drive. I was feeling a little off about the motorcycle, but the salesman reassured that this was a great one.

I believed the salesman. Then I decided to buy that one even though I was trying to satisfy myself that that motorcycle was good.

Guess what? Yes, just 7 days later, the engine died.

I called that salesman to inquire about what to do. The salesman said, “There’s nothing we can do.” Then he hung up on me.

Did you know how I felt at that moment?

Yes, I felt that I was being cheated. I am very bitter about that experience.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that all selling techniques are bad. But I do say that most of them ARE. As a result, a negative perspective on selling is unconsciously buried very deeply in our subconscious mind.

That’s why: “We all don’t want to be sold to.”

Ok, now have a look at the psychology of the word Serve.

What were we here to do?

Albert Einstein said, “Man is here for the sake of other men – above all for those upon whose smiles and well-being our own happiness depends.”

Unlike selling, serving indicates what we’re doing for others and how we’re helping someone somewhere improve the quality of life somehow.

Once you learn the art of serving people, in stead of people avoiding or resisting you when you’re offering your services, they will thank you with all of their heart for your great services.


It’s because you’re helping them solve their problems and get more of what they need and want in their life.

Let’s test your emotions.

1. Think of when you’re care for and when you’re loved. Did you feel good or bad?

2. Think of when you’re cheated and when you’re manipulated. Did you feel good or bad?

The answers are obvious.

The first emotion is the emotion that your visitors to your site, customers, and clients will have after receiving your great services.

The second emotion is the one that they will have after being sold to by you.
The art of serving people online

The art of serving people online lies within its definition. That is, you provide the people within your niche with great, superb, excellent content that is necessary, useful, and valuable and then make it available online through your website.

Specifically, you first create and develop a high quality theme-based content website and then use the site to serve your target audience around the world.

As I mentioned earlier, when you are truly serving others on a small or large scale, you are using you’re unique genius to improve quality of life for others. When you’re in service to others, you’re giving, not trading.

As you love and serve your customers from the bottom of your heart, they can sense it. As a result, they start to like and trust you and your site. And it’s natural that your customers will talk themselves into working with you, buying from you, and following your recommendations.

On the other hand, trying to get your visitors to buy your services (most small online business owners do) is not a wise way to do business.

Now you can see that when you are truly in service to others, you don’t have to worry whether or not the money will come. The money will come and come by law as the Law of Receiving stats, “Give, and you shall be given.” That’s right.


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